What is PBX?
What is Hosted PBX?
What are the Benefits of an Open Standard?
What are the differences between Hosted PBX and On-Premise PBX?
What is a SIP Trunk?
What is a SIP channel?
Aren't SIP and VoIP the same?
How does Capacity on Demand work?
What is POTS?
Traditional phone lines vs. Better Office Phones phone line service
What is a virtual FAX Line?
Can I still use my old FAX machine?
What is T.38?
Are 833, 844, and 855 Toll-Free?
Are Toll-Free numbers portable?
Can I get a vanity Toll-Free number?
How many simultaneous calls can my Toll-Free number receive?
What makes you different?
How many concurrent calls can I make and receive?
How many DIDs (Phone Numbers) can I have?
Can I keep my existing phone numbers?
Do you have residential phone service?
Only $20 per line, what is the catch?
Is there a contract or a minimum commitment?
Are the prices in US or Canadian dollars?
Do I have to pay Taxes?